Favorite Fall Records

Hey, it’s been a while. I’m busy preparing and slowly getting myself motivated for my trip to England (only 10 days to go). Since today is the first day in what seems like a hundred years that the temperature is under 80 degrees (that’s remarkable in Florida), I got to thinking about my favorite Fall records. Fall is traditionally a time of epiphany and growth for me, and part of this is facilitated by the music I discover and grow to love as the air outside transitions from “hot as balls” to “okay this isn’t terrible.” Here’s a list of my favorite Fall records:

Jimmy Eat World- Invented
Death Cab For Cutie- The Photo Album, Transatlanticism, Plans
Copeland- Beneath Medicine Tree
Basement- colourmeinkindness
The Graduate- Only Every Time
Into It. Over It.- Intersections
Jeff Buckley- Grace
Brand New- Daisy, Deja Entendu
Kevin Devine- Brother’s Blood
Lydia- Paint It Golden
Mansions- Dig Up The Dead
The Smiths- The Queen Is Dead, Louder Than Bombs
The National- Trouble Will Find Me, High Violet
Northstar- Pollyanna
Punchline- Just Say Yes
Saves The Day- In Reverie, Through Being Cool, Daybreak
The Shins- Wincing The Night Away
The 1975- The 1975
Dashboard Confessional- The Swiss Army Romance, Alter The Ending
Sunny Day Real Estate- Diary, How It Feels To Be Something On
The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl, Illumination Ritual, Two Conversations
Matt Pond PA- Emblems
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
fun.- Aim and Ignite

Hopefully this blog will be busier over the next few months while I study abroad at Oxford. I’m thinking I’ll have a lot to say about my experiences, and a lot of music-related write-ups pertaining to the projects I’ll be working on.